You are thinking about a job change? You’re looking – and you’re just not getting anywhere? You suspect that something is wrong with the conventional job search from job advertisement to speculative application? And the approach of Flipped Job Market for your professional reorientation appeals to you? Or would you like to learn more and, above all, try it out for yourself before embarking on a long course?

Then this format is for you:

You will get to know and understand the ideas and basics behind Flipped Job Market.
> You will get new ideas and inspiration for the tiresome topic of job search: You will be encouraged  to create a new perspective and to deal with thoughts on how you work, what you want to work and a practically approach to  job search in an authentic, effective and contemporary way.
> The tools of this workshop are yours after this day. You can continue to use them independently at any time and already take your first steps
> If you are a trainer or coach, “Basics” will give you ideas and new tools for your own work and you can develop them further for yourself.

By participating in a full-day workshop you will – if you like – become a member of our FJM community: you will be invited exclusively to our community communication channels and events.

This workshop will be held in English.


100 – 180 €

Für alle bepreisten Kurse gilt die Preisspanne des Vertrauens


Freitag 2. Dezember 2022
09:00 - 18:00


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